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Frequently asking Question’s

If Buyer receive damage product, and want to return that product, go to “my account” option and click on “Return Order” for return product. Aqua ultra-Return policy: 7 days date of delivery, If buyer eligible with return period aqua ultra arranged return pick up within 5 – 7 working days.

Once receive complete product we will refund amount on original payment mode, according to aqua ultra refund and return policy.
Ultra Smart Alkaline technology
Aqua Ultra antioxidant Alkaline RO filter, it purifies water from the toughest of impurities and maintains TDS without mixing pure and impure water. Instead, it persistently maintains natural minerals essential for human body. The purifier is automated to such levels that it has auto on and off system for filling water. Ergonomically designed, every detail carefully considered to enhance your experience. It supports purification of water of any kind and from most sources. Eliminates suspended impurities and dissolved impurities and also turns hard water of up to TDS 2000 ppm into soft and sweet water, maintaining essential mineral.
  • 100% Natural water Guaranteed
  • Add Minerals
  • PH Enhancer
  • Reduce ORP
  • Remove Free Radicals
  • Decrease NMR
  • Remove Bacteria-Virus
  • Add minerals
  • make natural test of water
UV sterilization utilizes UV light energy to deactivate any microbial contamination in water by altering their DNA structure and making them unable to reproduce and cause diseases. Water after passing through UV radiation gets free of disease causing microorganisms.
Ultra filtration is done by using Hollow fibre membranes having pore size 0.01 to 0.1μ. It is effective in the removal of colloids, proteins, bacteria, pyrogens (e.g. gram-negative bacterial endotoxins), and other organic molecules larger than 0.01µ.


Probable Cause



1. Water supply turned off

2. Low water pressure (40 psi min)

3. Pre-filter clogged

4. RO membrane damaged or clogged

5. Product line crimped

6. Post-filter clogged

7. Ball valve on RO tank closed

10. Check valve/restrictor valve clogged

require pressure pump

Turn water supply on

Replace pre-filter

Replace membrane

Remove crimp in line

Remove post-filter

Open RO tank ball valve

Replace check valve/restrictor

SLOW FLOW THROUGH FAUCET 1. Pre-filter clogged

2. Post-filter clogged

3. Low air pressure in RO tank

4. Low incoming water pressure (min 40 psi)

5. Fouled RO membrane

6. System, filters, membrane new

Replace pre-filter

Replace post-filter

Raise pressure in RO storage tank to 5-7 psi

Replace RO membrane

Allow 4-6 hours for system to fill


LEAKING MEMBRANE HOUSING 1. Threaded end cap leaking

2. Cap or body of housing leaks

Lubricate o-ring with Dow 111 silicone sealant and retighten if leak continues replace with new lubricated o-ring.

Check for any cracks in membrane housing and/or housing cap – if cracked or damaged replace both cap and housing

LEAKING PRE or POST FILTER HOUSING 1. O-ring not seated properly or filter housing cap not screwed on tightly

2. Housing damaged

Is o-ring in groove. Check for damaged if found replace o-ring. If dirty clean, lubricate Dow 111 silicone sealant – retighten lid. Hand tighten only

If any detectable damage or cracks replace housing and lid

LEAKING FAUCET 1. Fitting Leaks

2. Leak at base of brass stem

3. Spigot drips

Tighten fitting – make sure tubing is pushed
into fitting /base of faucet stem

Replace faucet

May require installation of faucet repair kit

BAD TASTE or ODOR 1. Defective unit

2. Bad membrane

3. Exhausted filter (s)

4. Not enough water used

5. System needs sanitizing


Replace – If TDS rejection is below 80%


Drain system – do not allow water to remain unused more than 5 days

Sanitize system


2. Water supply

3. System or filters are new

 for information on TDS testing

High oxygen content –Tiny bubbles – will go away with use

Air in lines – will go away with use

NOISEY DRAIN OR FAUCET 1. Air gap faucet

2. Drain tube

A little noise is common with air gap faucets. Check your owners manual to be sure air gap is installed in proper location

Air in systems may take up to two weeks to purge air from system under normal use.

Check drain line from faucet runs down hill to drain saddle clamp. Loops, bends, dips or kinks can cause noise.

LEAKING FITTING 1. Fitting damaged or cracked

2. Tubing not pushed securely into fitting or threads not properly installed

Replace fitting

Check tubing installation & thread installation.

SYSTEM IS CONTINUALLY RUNNING 1. Automatic shut off valve not working

2. Low incoming water pressure

3. Low RO storage tank air pressure

4. Damaged or ruptured RO storage tank bladder.

5. Flow restrictor in drain line worn out.

6. Membrane incorrectly installed

Replace automatic shut off valve – be mindful of where the four lines are removed and reinstalled.

Increase water pressure – minimum required 40 psi –

Check air pressure in RO Storage tank – optimum 5-7 psi when empty

Replace RO storage tank

Replace the flow restrictor that matches membrane capacity

Check membrane installation instructions

Ultra filtration is done by using Hollow fibre membranes having pore size 0.01 to 0.1μ. It is effective in the removal of colloids, proteins, bacteria, pyrogens (e.g. gram-negative bacterial endotoxins), and other organic molecules larger than 0.01µ.
Different types of filter cartridges are present in Palak RO. These help in prolonging the life of membrane and to improve water quality in terms of taste and mineral content. External Sediment Filter consists of spun PP and filters dirt, dust or other large sized suspended particles. Antiscalant balls. These are poly phosphate balls, which help to remove scaling and inorganic fouling. These reduce membrane cleaning requirements, thus enhancing domestic RO system performance. In addition to inhibiting carbonate and phosphate scale, antiscalants inhibit sulfate and fluoride scales, disperse colloids and metal oxides.

Magnetic Softener utilizes strong magnetic fields that cause an electron excitation to occur in water. As water flows past these magnets, the molecules are aligned into a uniformed directional field. Water regains its solvency and will not allow minerals to form hard crystals of scale. In- line Sediment filter, which is made of spun PP of smaller pore size and filters smaller suspended particles. Pre-carbon filter, which consists of Granular or Block Activated Carbon. These have very high surface area and remove contaminants through adsorption, a process in which dissolved contaminants adhere to the surface of the carbon particles. Activated carbon filter can remove organic impurities and chlorine. They are very effective in removing tastes and odors. Post carbon filter comprising of Nano silver impregnated activated carbon block. Silver is a bacteriostatic agent, which inhibits growth of bacteria in the carbon media. The post carbon filter is also known as polisher and enhances taste of water. Mineral cartridge, which consist of mineral balls to replenish the essential minerals in water and antibacterial balls which inhibit the bacterial growth.
The storage capacity of Aqua Ultra RO Water Purifiers varies from model to model. It ranges from 8 liters to 12 liters.
The consumption of electricity in water purifier is negligible as compared to any other electric equipment in your house. Aqua Ultra RO Water purifier system has a power consumption of 25 watts. It consumes 1 unit current only in 40 hours, in which time it can purify 4800 liters of drinking water. On an average, we use 20 liters of purified water per day in our house. According to this calculation, a household normally require 7300 liters of water per year. So the electric consumption will be approximately 1.52 units per year (Power consumption may vary slightly for different models).
Our water purifier systems are easy to install and use
  • Our products are having wall mounting facility
  • Decide the proper place where you want to put water purifier
  • Make sure the place is near to water supply or water connection
  • Take out all the product items from the box and follow our guidelines given in manual instruction or watch the video given in our “Installation Guide” section.

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