Palak Enterprises is a destination of Palak Ro, Blue Star Ro, Kent Ro, Aquaguard Ro, Livepure Ro, Pureit and other brand water purifier repairing, maintenance, AMC, servicing and sales also @ 8750 725 725

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who we are

Palak RO Provide the Sales and Services of all R O water purifier machines like Kent, Aqua Guard, Livpure, Zero B And other Branded Models and so many other Models of Reverse Osmosis water Purification systems in Delhi NCR.

We are introducing a unique Water Purifier with the proud name of Palak RO. The necessity of which has been felt for a long time. Many of us are not fortunate enough to dwell on the high mountains or next to immaculate country stream. Water, the most precious resource, is deteriorating day by day. Rivers, reservoirs, bore wells are constantly infected with suspended matters, harmful chemicals, bacteria etc. Drinkable water as per WHO standards is rarely found these days. Under these circumstances, all we can do is protect our family from drinking impure, polluted water.

So why not do it with the help of Palak RO! Because we, at Palak RO, believe that everyone deserves clean, drinkable water. Hence, in 2009, we initiated our Domestic and Industrial water purification system, primarily in UV, OF and RO technology. Progressively, we started the supply of all kinds of Water Purification.



Palak RO provide same day service in all over Delhi NCR for all Brands like Kent, Aqua Guard etc.



Palak RO has seven stage* purification system in products and always use genuine spares in AMC & service.



Palak RO understand value of time & money of our customer so that provide fast & economic service.



Palak RO always try to adopt every latest technology available in the Indian and Foriegn industry.

our history

Palak RO is a well known service provider of RO water purifiers.
We started as a small service provider company in 2009. Slowly & steadily our work and products gained appreciation & recognisation in water purifier industry.


Alone start working from home in 2009 as a RO slaes and service provider


In 2012 we have a six member team included my two brothers and also open an office in Lado Sarai


In 2016 we increase our team till 12 member than we take authorised sales and service center of Blue Star RO in 2017


In 2018 we are working with two locations Faridabad and Delhi now our team has 25 members

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Our products have gained wide appreciation owing to the following attributes

  • Effective anti-bacterial filtering system
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Require less maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Safe to operate
  • Light weight
  • Compact design
  • High performance
  • Cost effective

We provide fast & affordable services to the following areas.